My Health Record system

The practice requirement is to use compliant clinical software system for accessing the national My Health Record system, and creating and posting Shared Health Summaries and when available, Event Summaries. This is to ensure that clinical software systems behave correctly in its handling of My Health Records.

Within the context of the national My Health Record system programme, a clinical software system is defined as a system that may deal with the collection, storage, retrieval, communication, or use of health related data, information and knowledge pertaining to subjects of care. The system connects to the national My Health Record system to upload and download patient information and may comprise one or more applications or components.

For Healthcare Organisations:

To prepare for gaining access to the My Health Record system, you may need to make changes to the software in your practice. The upgrades required will depend on whether you are using the provider portal or conformant clinical software. Refer to the Learning Centre for more information.

If your organisation uses conformant clinical software, authorised and registered users in your practice will be able to view shared health information and create and upload health information such as shared health summaries and event summaries.

Conformance is based on strict compliance controls to ensure the integrity and security of the My Health Record system is maintained. Use this Register to identify clinical software systems that are conformant with the My Health Record system.

For Software Vendors:

Information for Software Vendors can be found here.

When you have successfully completed the CCD requirements for your software product to participate you can complete the Declaration of Conformity form and request to be recorded in the ePIP Incentive Product Register using the Registration form

Last updated 24 November 2016