Healthcare Identifiers

Practice software systems listed here meet the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) eHealth Incentive requirements for using Australia's national Healthcare Identifiers (HI).

Products and systems listed here have been independently assessed to conform to the software requirements for the safe implementation and use of healthcare identifiers for patients, providers and healthcare organisations. The assessment was performed by testing laboratories accredited to perform HI conformance testing.


For Healthcare Organisations:

The Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service is a national system used for uniquely identifying healthcare professionals, organisations and individual consumers of healthcare services. The service is operated by the Department of Health Services (DHS). Healthcare identifiers will help ensure individuals and healthcare professionals have confidence that the right information is associated with the right individual at the point of care.

The HI Service allocates and manages the following types of healthcare identifiers:

  • Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual (HPI-I) – for healthcare professionals involved in providing patient care;
  • Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation (HPI-O) – for organisations that deliver healthcare (such as general practices and hospitals); and
  • Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) – for individuals using healthcare services.

You may find it beneficial to talk about the setting up of HPI-O(s) for your practice with the organisation(s) that provides you with IT and/or digital health support, as it can be complex depending on your organisational structure and level of knowledge and experience. Please also refer to the Clinician's Desktop User Guide available at and specifically the sections HPI-O Structure Options and Deciding on your HPI-O Structure.

For useful information, guides and forms for the HI Service and to apply for a HPI‑O, refer to the DHS website >For Health Professionals >Healthcare Identifiers Service

When you have established the necessary Roles, your practice’s HPI-O, and the links to it in the HI Service for your clinicians and nominated staff, you can plan and then implement updates to your clinical software system that includes healthcare identifier functionality. You can use this Register to identify clinical software systems that meet the national conformance requirements for the use of Healthcare Identifiers in clinical software systems.

For Software Vendors:

Information for Software Vendors can be found here.

When you have successfully completed the CCA requirements for your software product to access the HI Service you can complete the Declaration of Conformity form and request to be recorded in the ePIP Product Register using the Registration Form.

Last updated 24 November 2016