Secure Message Delivery

The Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Australian Technical Specification published by Standards Australia defines a set of interfaces and associated application behaviour suitable for clinical messaging over the Internet.

Health messaging software systems listed here has been independently assessed for conformance to the SMD specifications. The assessment was performed by testing laboratories accredited to perform SMD conformance testing.

For Healthcare Organisations:

When implemented successfully and used effectively, the digital health features of SMD can provide significant benefits to your practice. This includes the ability to exchange messages with other healthcare providers who are also SMD-compliant. This standardisation will make exchanging messages as easy and as ubiquitous as emailing, but with dramatically higher levels of security and reliability.

Health messaging software systems need to conform to Standards Australia technical specifications for SMD. Compliance requirements apply to suppliers of health messaging products and services. Use this Register to identify eligible products that are conformant with the SMD requirements. 


For Software Vendors: 

Information for Software Vendors can be found here.

When you have successfully completed the CCA requirements for your software product to participate you can complete the Declaration of Conformity (SMD) Form and request to be recorded in the ePIP Product Register using the Registration form.

Last updated 24 November 2016.