Vendor Terms and Conditions

The vendor acknowledges that:

1.  The ePIP Product Register (Register) provides information to practices about Practice Incentives Program (PIP) eHealth Incentive compliant products;

2.  The Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) operates the Register (Operator); and

3.  Vendors are required to apply to have their products listed on the Register subject to the requirements described in the Vendor Guidelines ("listing").

The vendor agrees as follows by submitting a product for listing on the Register:

1.  The vendor's name and submitted product details may be included on the Register and published;

2.  Product material included with the application in support of a listing on the Register may be stored by the Operator and made available to users of the Register;

3.  While the Operator will use reasonable efforts to maintain the currency and accuracy of the Register, listings and the availability of the Register online, no assurance is given that the listings will be complete, accurate or up to date at any particular point in time and, without limitation, the Register may not be available through system or equipment failure, planned or unplanned maintenance/repair, or through communication carrier failure;

4.  The Operator has the right but not the obligation to check the accuracy or completeness of the information and materials relating to an application by a vendor for listing (or any application to change the details of a listing), and in its discretion may not accept an application until such information and materials are in the Operator's opinion accurate or complete (as the case may be);

5.  Whether or not the Operator elects to check the accuracy or completeness of information and materials, the Operator will only publish information submitted by vendors and without giving any assurance as to the completeness or accuracy of that information and material submitted;

6.  The Operator may of its own accord or at the prompting the Agency or any third party, remove a listing where the Operator believes there is evidence of inaccurate or incomplete information or materials having been supplied in support of an application for listing. The Operator will provide the vendor with 10 days notice of any such intention to remove a listing unless in the Operator’s opinion the delay in the removal may directly or indirectly result in adverse clinical outcomes; and

7.  If the vendor disputes any action taken by the Operator, the vendor must contact the Agency for resolution of the matter. Any decision by Health regarding the disputed action is final and binding on the vendor and the Agency.


Last updated 24 November 2016